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Lose weigh online, and regain your health, your happiness, and feel your best!

Imagine now your body…the way you want it to be…the way you wish it to be…the way you will it to be…and the way it will be…

Are you ready to take action, are you ready for a change? All personal Change starts with an intention, a personal intention to make that change is the catalyst for a successful weight loss program. Hypnosis can feel like magic and when used with the intention to make a change magic happens.

The unconscious mind decides on all your thoughts, emotions, emotions, and reactions automatically. Hypnosis is the proven way to help your unconscious mind make the changes your conscious mind wants.

I am an expert in Hypnofasting and Hypnotic Gastric Ballon Method Specialist. To find out how To book your free 30 minute consultation watch this short video and take your next step to a safe and proven method to weight loss.

HypnoFasting Expert

A certified Hypnotherapist and Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy specializing in weight loss and human performance optimization, using evidence based approach's and hypnosis for weight loss and performance goals.

My promise is the most effective process in the most efficient use of my clients time. My passion for weight loss comes from watching a family member struggle with weight and finding hypnosis as an effective alternative to allow my clients to reach there goals.

Hypnosis is well studied and demonstrated for weight loss and performance enhancement, a driving force to my becoming certified Hypnofasting expert and Professional Gastric Hypnosis Balloon Method Specialist to guide my clients on there journey to weight release and performance optimization.

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Use this page to schedule your first session. Although I do offer single sessions, clients almost always benefit from multiple sessions. See your options below.
If you are unsure of what to choose, schedule your
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Single Session


USD. Online 75-90 minute session

Perfect for follow-up session.
Recommended for those with clear goals and experience.
Access to a free downloadable MP3 hypnosis for relaxation session immediatly.

Online on Zoom

Most Popular

Four Sessions


USD. Each session is 50-75 minutes.

Access to my series of six downloadable hypnosis sessions for personal performance.
The recipie eBook for healthy eating choices.
Instant access to my transformation guidebook so you can learn new straties even before our session begins.

All session online on Zoom

Premium Plan


USD. Eight Session Plan.

Everything in both of the other prackages.
Additional support to make sure you can create lasting change.
Additional resources as needed to support change between sessions.

All sessions online on Zoom

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Self-Hypnosis For Beginners...

This short guide has a great strategy for self-hypnosis you can benefit from today. By learning the method in this eBook, you will have a tool you can use to stay focused, create calm, and begin the process of creating change from within.